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How Blogs Can Help Increase Conversions

Blogs are one of the best ways to build authority and trust, and a great way to help with your conversion rates. Blogs are often misunderstood and underrated but, if used correctly, can be the reason why your business can find a steady stream of income. Blogs not only help to educate but also build […]

What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for networking and a great place to foster relationships and connections. But, as with all social networks, there are often tricks of the trade that many don’t know about. For LinkedIn, that’s InMail, a feature that is not utilised enough, but which has huge benefits if used correctly. […]

The 2-2-1 Content Model

Most people get overwhelmed when trying to decide what content to schedule for their websites and social media. It’s why people either hire someone else to do it for them or simply panic and post nothing. Having a schedule makes life easier, and taking one day a month to decide what you’re going to post […]

Are You Using Vanity Keywords?

We all know about keywords. We all use them. We sprinkle them in our copy and use them in our hashtags. But, for the most part, most people aren’t using them correctly, and many people are using vanity keywords and hoping for success. Let me take you through the term ‘vanity keywords’ – what it […]

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Owning a website holds significant importance. It serves as an impressive portfolio for potential clients and customers, while also offering a valuable avenue to boost your online presence through effective SEO strategies. Yet many people fail to have a website because they’re worried it’s going to cost them too much. But how much does a […]

Questions To Ask When Shopping For Your New Website

When you head to the grocery store without a well-organised shopping list, it’s common to end up buying things you don’t need while forgetting the essentials. A similar principle applies when shopping for websites. Websites are not one-size-fits-all; they’re unique to each person’s needs. To make sure you choose the perfect website for your requirements, […]

SEO Tips - How To Submit Your Site To Google

Having a website is important, but it won’t do much if Google doesn’t notice it. That’s where SEO comes in. Think of SEO as a way to tell Google, “Hey, I’m here!” Without SEO, your website might as well be invisible, and all your efforts will go to waste. If your website doesn’t show up […]

What To Expect From Your Blog Writers

When hiring a blog writer, it’s important to know not only what to expect from your blog writer, but also understand what content means for different writers. Copywriters vs. Content writers Many people often mix up the terms ‘copywriter’ and ‘content writer,’ but they have distinct roles. Copywriters write persuasive content for things like advertisements, […]

How To Write Winning Post Purchase Emails

Post purchase emails are one of the most neglected forms of marketing despite being one of the most effective. Without a post purchase email, you’re missing out on a lot of repeat customers as well as neglecting the relationship side of your customer base. You might be doing great in terms of sales right now, […]