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Your Guide To Google Analytics 4

With the latest release of Google Analytics 4 comes a wide range of new features and updates – but what are a few of the major changes to take note of? It’s no secret that the more people who see your site equates to the more potential customers you could have at your disposal. The […]

Working With A Social Media Influencer

Regardless of whether your partner is defined as a macro, micro or nano social media influencer, this new age marketing method has some serious perks on offer.  Since more than four billion people around the world are using social media across everyday activities, it’s safe to say that this trend is here to stay. On […]

How To Start A Podcast From Scratch

For brands or businesses looking for a modern audio medium to connect with a new audience, learning how to start a podcast can be a gamechanger.  While our parents had the radio, today’s generation have podcasts. By definition, a podcast is a digital audio file available on the internet that just about anyone can access, […]

The Psychology Behind Voiceovers

Regardless of whether your marketing medium is podcasts, videos or even television, understanding the psychology behind voiceovers can be a gamechanger.  Voiceovers can generally be defined as a production technique where a voice – or someone that is not a part of the narrative – is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or […]

How Blogging On LinkedIn Works

While LinkedIn has long been known as social media for professionals, did you know that you can use blogging as a means to make your mark on this platform? In 2022, LinkedIn now boasts over 810 million users worldwide, which is a massive jump over the 660 million users the social network had recorded just […]

How To Make A Hashtag Strategy

Without a solid hashtag strategy, all of the work you put into content production for social media could easily amount to nothing – so where do you start? As any avid social media user knows, when we want to find specific information on social media, we search using hashtags. While the inner workings of a […]

How To Use Memes For Marketing

While using memes for marketing can be one of the best ways to go viral, there are a few basics to know if you want to hit the right notes with your audiences. 

Understanding SEO Ranking Factors

Determining which parts of your website that Google cares about – and what it doesn’t – can be tricky to navigate, particularly when it comes to your SEO.

Have You Heard About The Great Australian Rip Off?

Australians are getting ripped off. If you’re frustrated with the price of living in Australia right now – you’re not alone. An estimated 7 out of 10 households pay too much for electricity, insurance, and other bills. Premiums and prices are skyrocketing and millions of Australians are unknowingly paying higher premiums and bigger bills to […]