In order for businesses to stay relevant with new and existing customers, and avoid getting ‘bumped down‘ by tech savvy competitors, they must have an effective content strategy in place. This includes having a consistent tone and brand to encourage consumer trust, while creating and sharing content on a regular basis.

Digital content has an enormous impact on how a business ranks on search engines, whether your existing customers are likely to buy from you again, and even your brand authority – which means how much people know, like and trust your business based on their experience with your brand online. 

For those business owners who are acutely aware of the above facts, and are ready to do something about cementing their status online, Content Hive provides the answer. We are a content marketing agency that is best matched with businesses who provide top notch products and services, but do not necessarily have the time or resources to create their own digital content in house.

For one simple monthly fee, we can take care of creating high quality, consistent and relevant content for your business such as blogs, email campaigns, social graphics, videos and more.

So we can focus on what we do best and to streamline our service, we have itemised a list of digital content items and have allocated credits to these. Each month, you can mix ‘n’ match your credits with us to produce digital content. No surprises, clear deliverables, unlimited revisions. PLUS… All packages include monthly strategy, content plan, uploading of blogs to your site and social media scheduling.


Choose Your Package

Choose between our standard and pro packages based on your budget and marketing objectives.


We Create Your Content Plan

Each month we create your strategic content plan based on what your target audience are looking for.


We Create Your Content

Our content team get creating. We also load content to your site and schedule on your socials.

At Content Hive we refuse to compromise on quality. Our team is 100% based in Australia, and this is something that we pride ourselves on. We are also big believers in remote and flexible working arrangements which keeps our team happy and allows us to save on expensive overheads like fancy city fringe offices. Our content creators are based across Australia with our HQ located in Brisbane. 

Because we want you to get the most our of your content, we take an SEO centric approach to producing relevant, accurate and engaging content. Our team of professional copywriters are able to produce blogs, articles and landing pages that not only add value for the reader, but are also technically optimised to help your brand rank on search engines. When compared to other traditional marketing methods, SEO copywriting and content production is easily measured, as business owners are able to see the impact of their efforts over time. 

Embracing content marketing also enables brands to stop potential overreliance on pay per click advertising methods, as SEO friendly content is a way to start attracting the same forms of traffic organically.

When it comes to selecting the right content plan for your business, we can certainly help you with making the right option that best suits the needs of your business via a free discovery call to get a feel for what your brand is all about. This will assist us in getting to know how your business works, an understanding of the type of content required, and how we can help.

Ultimately, we know we’re on the right path because we’ve seen the magic of content marketing work wonders not just for our clients, but for ourselves as well. In under a year, we’ve reached the number one position on Google search engine results for phrases like “content marketing Brisbane” and “video marketing Brisbane”. We’re extremely proud to practice what we preach, and love seeing businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries embrace the power of the internet. 

Have a question?

If you have a question that we haven’t covered about our services at Content Hive or you would like to book in a free fifteen minute discovery call with us, please get in touch today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online.