Do you use AI or chat bots to create content?

No we don’t.

At Content Hive, we write content that’s written by humans, for humans. Our marketing strategy relies on SEO, and we firmly believe that achieving high rankings on Google requires relevance and originality.

Google’s Search Essentials states that “content should be original, useful, and provide value to users”. To distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text, Google has introduced a new AI classifier. Although AI may appear to produce original content, it often relies on existing information, repackaging it to appear new. Google’s guidelines emphasise that any attempt to manipulate search rankings without considering content quality and user experience violates their rules.

It is important to mention that AI is here to stay, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to work with AI. The trick is not to let it do the work for you, but to let it guide you. It should act as a tool, and nothing more. At Content Hive, we strive for originality and creativity, recognising that these qualities ultimately serve long-term SEO objectives more effectively.


Who comes up with the content ideas?

We do, we’re very agile over here at Content Hive… We constantly review how your website is performing and what your potential customers are searching online to find keyword opportunities. We then create the content plan for you to review. 

How much are your services?

We dislike bookkeeping as much as the next business, that is why we have created month-to-month packages that you can choose from. Each package has the option to ad on additional services as well to get more out of the content we produce. 

Do you post content on our website and social media?

Once the content is approved, we load the articles to your website and optimise for SEO. If you add on the social media scheduling option to your package our team will schedule the content we produce across your business social platforms (up to 3). 


What if we need something extra mid-month?

We understand that things pop up from time to time like award submissions, media releases, or marketing collateral. We don’t want to interrupt our SEO efforts so if you need additional copy writing or design, we can do this at an hourly rate of $150 ex GST. Just email us through the details and we can provide an estimate.

Do credits roll over each month?

No,  the idea behind this is that SEO and marketing is all about consistency so we want to encourage you to use all of your credit each month so that you see results from your content marketing efforts. 

Do you manage our social media comments?

No. If you have the social media scheduling add-on, we will schedule the content we produce to your socials, it is important however, that you have someone on your team to engage with your followers.

We do not create ad-hoc or on the fly posts, our team need to be able to focus on what they do best – getting your website to rank well on Google. 

Who owns the content you produce?

You do, you paid for it after all! Once content is approved by you, it is yours.