How much are your services?

We dislike bookkeeping as much as the next business, that is why we have created two month-to-month packages that you can choose from. Each package has a set number of credits that you can use to allocate your content production.

Who comes up with the content ideas?

We do, each month we review how your website is performing, current trends in your industry, along with any requests you have. We then create the content plan for the month for you to review and approve.

Do you post content on our website and social media?

We sure do. Once the content is approved, we load the articles to your website, optimise for SEO, and then schedule these along with any other content we’ve produced (graphics, videos, GIFs etc) to your socials. At the end of each week, we will send you the schedule for the upcoming week so you are always across what is going out.

What if we need something extra mid-month?

No stress! Things pop-up and that’s ok. If it is not a part of the current content plan for that month, we can simply bump it in or you have the option to purchase extra credits. 

Do credits roll over each month?

No, we will plan out your month in advance and allocate all credits. The idea behind this is that marketing is all about consistency so we want to encourage you to use all of your credits each month so that you see results from your content marketing efforts. 

Do you manage our social media comments?

No. We will schedule the content we produce to your socials, it is important however, that you have someone on your team to engage with your followers.

Who owns the content you produce?

You do, you paid for it after all! Once content is approved by you, it is yours. 

What social platforms do you post on?

All the majors including facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.