How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Blog

Once your articles are written, proofed and loaded, the next mission is knowing how to increase web traffic to your blog – but where do you start?

Google trawls through (quite literally) millions of posts every day, in order to deliver the most relevant and on topic answers to specific queries that users are asking. Reaching the top of these rankings is the ultimate end goal for any brand or business, especially if they are putting a conscious effort into doing so – who doesn’t want to be at the top?

If you, your brand or business is actively blogging, then you’ve already given yourself a head start in terms of boosting your brand’s online profile. However, if you aren’t seeing any rewards for your efforts just yet, there’s a high chance that you might be overlooking a few key points when it comes to leveraging your blog, and knowing how to increase web traffic from it.


Nine Steps On How To Increase Web Traffic With Blogging

Know Your Audience – Who exactly are you writing for? If you’re a plumber, then there’s not much point in writing about which candles are popular. Most web and social media platforms have readily available tools that can assist you in working out your key demographics, such as location, age, gender and interests, so use them to your advantage.

Do Keyword Research – Once you know who you are writing for, the next step is working out what they are searching for. Your content, blogs and articles should be both informative and engaging, as well as answering customer queries or questions before they have the chance to think of them. Don’t be afraid to get into the specifics instead of broad topics.

Learn The Basics Of SEO – Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid advertising, and it’s one of the best free ways to promote your brand or business. Jump on the medley of free resources available to boost your content.

Add Backlinks – The theory behind adding backlinks to your website, blog

or content, is that Google and other major search engines consider them to be “votes” for a specific page. Pages with more backlinks, tend to have high organic search engine rankings. Internal backlinks will also help to encourage retention on your website, keeping audiences engaged for longer.

Make A Calendar – Having a solid content marketing strategy is crucial if you want to encourage the “like, know, trust” model with your audiences – they need to know what to expect from you. Crafting a content calendar that ties all of your marketing efforts together helps to stabilize and create consistency with what (and when) you’re posting.

Optimise Your Content – The technical stuff is truly what can make or break your blogging success. This includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) appropriate titles, descriptions, meta data, layouts, image tags, and blog length. Failure to optimise your content properly can result in a lot of work, with limited results.

Refresh Old Articles – Do you have blogs or articles from many moons ago that have outdated information? If you’re able to “rehash” these, Google sees it as a new take on old ideas, and it can dramatically help with your rankings. It’s also a great way to encourage evergreen content, or content that brings results without an expiry date.

Balance Viral And Evergreen Content – While everybody loves the concept of a perfectly timed stellar article or blog that goes off the charts and in turn “viral”, it’s important to balance your strategy out with evergreen content that stands the test of time. The latter in particular acts as the backbone of your brand’s website, and provides a wonderful return on investment.

Repurpose Your Content – Have you crafted a banging blog that you’re pretty chuffed with? If you’re not repurposing your content, then you’re not doing everything within your power to make sure it connects with as many people as possible. Turn that one blog into a video, podcast, social media post or infographic to maximise its shelf life.


I Need Help Producing Content For My Website

For content that can be deployed to get higher rankings on Google, text that’s quality, consistency and on brand is paramount. Unfortunately this can also take time, effort, experience and resources – and it’s totally okay if you know that you can’t quite commit to that. Thankfully, investing in a solid content marketing strategy has never been easier.

Here at Content Hive, we specialise in getting brands buzzing online with digital marketing services done for you. Book in your free discovery call with us today, and take the first step in developing a digital marketing strategy that actually gets results.

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