How To Get Media Coverage Through Brand Authority

Want to know how to get media coverage for your business? In order to “get seen”, you’re going to need some solid brand authority behind you first.


Brand authority is ultimately the reputation held by a brand or business, with the end goal being for you to be considered an expert (and authority) within your niche, sector or field. If you are able to reach the status of being a key figure within your industry, it will help your business to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Get higher conversions
  • Encourage collaborations
  • Get backlinks to your website
  • Attract media attention and free publicity

How To Built Brand Authority

Building brand authority is a long game, with little to no shortcuts available. Along with some significant time, effort and attention to detail, a well thought out content marketing strategy is essential.

If your brand is easily recognisable – the colour palette, the logo, even the tone of your writing – consumers know what to expect from you and fosters a B2C relationship that’s built on trust. Your customers are often your best advocates, and the power of word of mouth should never be underestimated. This can include anything and everything from sharing your posts on social media, verbally recommending your brand to other consumers, and leaving positive public reviews for future clients – it all counts towards telling the world your brand’s story, and what you’re all about.


Using Brand Authority To Get Media Coverage

Once your brand authority has cemented you as an industry leader, it’s only a matter of time before the media comes knocking. Here are some examples of getting media coverage from using brand authority in 2020:

Content Hive client, Madd Loans – Brisbane based mortgage brokers and finance experts, has featured in countless Australian finance magazines, Channel 7 News, Channel 9 News and even “Ready, Set, Reno”. The media attention that George and the team at Madd Loans have attracted is a direct result of on-brand content marketing, and have pivoted him into a position as an industry leader within his field.

Kibo Constructions, another Content Hive client, has also been featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin for their recent hospitality fitout job on the Gold Coast.

Content Hive – Lisa Bourke and the team at Content Hive recently featured in The Sunday Mail, with a story focusing on the rise of remote employment, and how businesses adapt to the changes associated with Covid-19. Lisa has positioned herself as a digital marketing industry thought leader, and regularly uses on-brand content marketing and LinkedIn to network with her peers.


When it comes to getting media coverage for your brand or business, sometimes all it takes is one feature in order to get your foot in the door.

Ways to attract the right kind of publicity and a contact in the media industry can include:

  • Getting Your Story Straight – Becoming a brand with authority requires consistent, on-brand content production. The world needs to know what to expect from you, in order to build the “know, like, trust” model that all businesses should strive towards.
  • Jump On Relevant And Trending Topics – Is there something in the news that relates to how you do business? Great – now write an article about it. Stay on top of popular or trending topics, to ensure that you don’t miss the window of opportunity.
  • Network, Network, Network – Keeping your circle small can work in your personal life, but not so much when it comes to business. Platforms like LinkedIn offer a way to virtually connect with anyone in a professional capacity, and you never know who you might meet out there.

To get your brand or business featured in the media, it really is as simple as starting off with great content production. However, if you don’t have the time, energy or resources to do so – then it might be time to consider outsourcing.

Thankfully, here at Content Hive – getting brands buzzing online is exactly what we do best. With digital marketing done for you, we offer a range of customised and affordable content packages that suit just about any business in any industry. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free discovery call.

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