Why Content Will Always Be Queen

Well done – you’ve armed yourself with a website, domain and maybe even a snappy social media handle.

Now what? The key to linking these ‘business essentials’ together is great content.

More than just the traditional written word, web content can be classified as just about any creative element on your website and socials including textvisualsimageryvideo, downloadable content like eBooks and eGuides and even audio.

In a nutshell, it’s how people often make a connection with your business online and a core component behind increasing web traffic.

Relevant, unique and consistent content equals

  1. Being found – Creating and sharing content online is a great way to be found on Google and socials by helping your website rank, and cutting through the noise with valuable content to engage people while they spend an average of 3 hours online each day!
  2. Staying engaged – Customer loyalty is not what is use to be. You are now competing on a global scale and if you don’t keep your existing customers engaged with your brand then they will get distracted by someone else who is!
  3. Building authority – First impressions last. What experience is someone having when they land on your website or socials? Content can help build trust with potential customers long before they are ready to purchase.



Consistency, relevance and distribution are very important in nailing great content.

It’s also the building blocks of getting high organic (unpaid) traffic to your website – after all, this is what Google uses to trawl cyberspace for the most accurate results.

Without it, many companies rely on huge budgets in advertising with platforms such as Facebook and even Google itself, but this avenue never quite beats the power of having your own website stand on its own two feet supporting with strong content and the evergreen effect this has.

Hang on, if it’s so important – why don’t more businesses do it?

  • Lack of time. If you’re a small (or even medium) sized business owner, time is often something you’re not in a huge supply of.
  • Lack of resources. If you’re juggling the needs of your business – think accounting, sales, client liaison – do you really have space to wear the marketing hat too?
  • Lack of confidence. To sit down and actually write or design content isn’t for everyone, particularly if this isn’t your natural strength to begin with.

The thing is, just one blog or article doesn’t have to be limited to just your website – the options are just about infinite. Have you ever heard of repurposing content?

While you may think that just one snappy blog or article won’t move mountains for your business, you might not yet realise its many uses.

Not only have you added a valuable tool to help you climb up the internet ranks, but this very same article could also be reused in a number of other channels.

It’s shareable via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, can be used on your LinkedIn profile, can be used to beef up your email marketing database, and even to create a short video, graphic or podcast based around it’s concept and origins.

All of these potential marketing and branding avenues can trace their origins back to the very same original article – offering an instant impact and lasting effect that all assists in building your brand legacy online.

But where to start?

There’s no denying that developing great content requires a solid plan of attack. Keeping your tone consistent in a way that reflects the nature of your business is essential.

If you’re stuck for ideas, an easy and sure fire way to get the content ball rolling is to gather your team around a whiteboard (alternatively, utilise Zoom). Ask everyone to brainstorm a list of the most commonly asked questions that they receive from customers. Chances are, these very same questions are topics that are often used as search terms on Google – which in turn, become your first list of blog and article topics to cover.

An alternative is to consider reaching out to us at Content Hive. If you don’t have the time, energy, experience or resources to create your own effective blogs, graphics and other digital content – never fear, as this is our speciality.

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