What Is Information Gain And Why Does It Matter For SEO?

In our modern world, it often feels like everything is a copycat version of something else, especially when browsing through online content. The constant desire to rank high in Google’s search results leads us all to adopt similar SEO practices to gain an edge. But all that is about to change as Google recently revealed that they have secured approval for their information gain patent, bringing significant changes to the search landscape. 


What is information gain?

Google is aware of all the copycat content out there and wants to rank websites that value unique and informative content. Because of this shift, the algorithms are now changing to give preference to people who are providing good content, all to deliver better and more competitive search results. Google wants to start ranking pages that appear in search results based on how different their information is from each other.

Let me put this in everyday terms: Imagine two companies both write an article on how to set up a killer LinkedIn account. Company One sticks to the basics and presents a simple five-step process. But Company Two goes the extra mile. They provide the same five-step process but also throw in a bonus section on connecting with the right people and optimising the page for better results. So, who do you think Google will favour and rank higher? You guessed it. Company Two! Why? Because they’ve gone above and beyond, offering fresh and valuable information to the readers.

In other words, the more value you give to your content, the higher it might rank.

Why does it matter for SEO?

When it comes to online content, staying adaptable is key because the rules are always evolving to keep up with trends and enhance the user experience. Remember when simply adding keywords and meta descriptions did the trick? Well, Google now wants more from your content. It’s craving value and useful information for your readers.

Here’s the deal: The quality of your content has never been more crucial! Sure, keywords, meta descriptions, proper headings, backlinks, and other SEO practices still hold importance, but they’re no longer the sole focus. Google is all about improving user experience and constantly seeking ways to enhance it. That’s why they introduced a new scoring system called “information gain.” The higher your score, the better your ranking. It’s as simple as that.

The concept behind information gain is to present search engine result pages (SERPs) that offer greater value to users by providing different or additional information. So, get ready to deliver content that stands out and keeps your readers informed and engaged.

“An information gain score for a given document is indicative of additional information that is included in the given document beyond information contained in other documents that were already present to the user.” – Google

Before information gain came into the picture, small businesses were facing an uphill battle trying to compete with the giants in search results. Those big companies had a significant advantage with their powerful online presence and years of content that secured them top positions. It felt like an impossible feat for the little guys.

But hold on, here’s where the game changes! Thanks to information gain scores, the playing field is levelling out. Smaller businesses now have a fighting chance. How? By adding genuine value to their content, they can stand out in the crowd.

It will take some time for information gain to truly make a difference. But here’s the silver lining: you’ve got that time to get your content “information gain” ready. So, when you’re crafting your content strategy, ask yourself some critical questions. Can you make the information more valuable for your audience? Is there room to dive deeper into the topic with extra research? Can you provide something unique that your competitors haven’t covered?

And remember to use AI as an assistant, and not as a replacement. Google wants real content, from real people.

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