Six SEO Trends To Watch For 2022

The world of SEO is constantly changing, with the forecast for the upcoming year ahead being no exception – so what surprises does Google have in store for 2022?

For the uninitiated, all the major search engines like Google and Bing use SEO – otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation – as somewhat of a library system. Every day, thousands of ‘bots’ crawl the internet to see what’s new, what’s good content, and how to appropriately categorise this content. These bots allocate your content by particular parameters, such as keywords, search intent and overall quality in order to deliver the best possible search results to queries from users around the world. 


When done well, business owners can harness the power of SEO by including specific content on their website. In turn, this content has the potential to improve a brand’s visibility on search engines. Put simply, SEO is the key ingredient when it comes to helping your site show up more often in relevant searches, and is crucial in reaching the lofty heights of Google’s top rankings and getting seen by the right types of audiences. However, forming a carefully constructed SEO strategy is never an easy feat, and less so when the rules and trends linked to it are constantly changing. 

Key SEO Changes To Monitor In 2022

As a general rule, the key pillars of good SEO include content, links, and optimisation. However, it’s important to remember that even as a tech giant, Google is still a private company, and is allowed to change the rules of how SEO works whenever they like – and they often do. As such, if you’re a brand trying to make your mark online this year, how do you play the SEO game if you don’t know where the goal posts are?

Core Web Vitals – Officially rolled out in mid 2021, Google’s Core Web Vitals are a new module that has been designed to measure how users experience a website’s speed, responsiveness and visual stability. To meet this criteria, be sure to measure your website’s page load speed, install the free Chrome Web Vitals app or dig around in the Google Search Console. 

Google Passage Ranking – Instead of running analytics on entire web pages, Google Passage Ranking now combs over sections of each web page – all as a means to deliver the most accurate results to internet users. Content marketers who are regular bloggers can help meet this SEO metric by diving articles up with the right headings, and using more paragraphs. 

Visual Search – It’s no secret that we live in a visual world, and SEO is really starting to incorporate this, particularly with additions such as Google Lens. People use images to solve their internet queries, so harness this trend by including properly optimized images and videos into your content alongside the written components. 


Google EAT – Although Google EAT has been around for a while as a ranking factor, it’s role has become increasingly important for search engines as they try to identify the real deal from lacklustre clickbait style content. Google EAT establishes a website’s trustworthiness and authority, and one key way to build this is via third party backlinks who all but vouch for you. 

Video Is Surging – Whether your style is long form on YouTube or short form via the likes of TikTok or Instagram Reels, video is a marketing format that’s currently exploding when it comes to growth. Brands don’t need expensive equipment to jump on this bandwagon, so long as they add the right captions, keywords and even hashtags to optimize the content for SEO. 

Search Intent – Mastering the fine art of search intent – or why your audiences are hunting with certain keywords – is set to be one of the most important SEO factors for 2022.  If you’re starting to consciously write for search intent purposes, start out with “how to” guides, step by step tutorials, list style posts, opinion pieces, reviews and comparisons. 

While using content marketing as a means to improve your brand’s SEO is a no brainer, sometimes business owners simply don’t have the time, energy, experience or resources to do so. Instead of giving into the temptation of skipping this all together, it might be time to consider outsourcing – but where can you find a reputable provider?

The Key To Good SEO Is Great Content

Producing quality, consistent and on brand content that’s SEO and ultimately Google friendly takes time, effort, experience and resources – and you’re not alone if you can’t quite commit to that. Avoiding the use of content marketing altogether may actually be doing your brand a disservice, but thankfully – investing in a solid strategy has never been easier. 

Here at Content Hive, producing top quality digital content is exactly what we do best. We have itemised a list of digital content services, and allocated credits next to each of these. This means that each month, you can use your credits with us to produce digital content such as social media posts, blog articles, videos and even animated Instagram stories.

We believe that this model means we can produce high quality content in faster than normal delivery times. It also means that because you have a monthly credit, you are going to want to make sure you use these up – and so do we – meaning that your digital content is always consistent.   

If you aren’t quite sure where to start on your digital marketing journey and would like to speak to a professional, why not book a free discovery call with us at Content Hive today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online. 

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