Is Live Chat Worth Adding To Your Website?

Could live chat software be exactly what your brand needs to make its mark online? After all, nobody likes waiting for a reply – and time is money.

Customer expectations are continuing to grow online, with speed and turnaround times becoming more important than ever. If you can’t keep up, you risk falling behind.

What Is Live Chat?

When we use the term “live chat” it’s generally exactly that – a software or add on that is added to your website, and functions as a real time way to converse with your customers. It’s generally considered to be more personal and quicker than an email, but less invasive than a phone call.

Providing that you are not relying on automated responses, the installation of a real time “chat” platform offers new and existing customers a way to fast track their queries or issues on the spot.

Statistics show that consumer satisfaction levels are soaring via live chat, with an average of 73% being happy with the service that they received. This far outweighs other traditional communication methods, with email ranking at 61% and telephone falling behind at 44%.

If that wasn’t enough, studies have also shown that this method of communication can help boost your online conversations by 45%. If happier leads become happier customers, and in turn become happier buyers – what’s not to love?


Why Is Live Chat So Popular With Both Businesses And Customers?

Human Connection – Consumers are chatting with a team member in both real time and real life. The flow of the conversation is generally quicker and more humanised – so your customers realise that they are not speaking with a robot.

You Can Multi Task – Perhaps one of the key reasons as to why it’s so popular with both customers and businesses, a platform like this ultimately frees up time. If there’s a short wait on either end it’s not an issue, so consumers often favour this method when they’re at work.

Speed And Efficiency – Customer queries, product related issues and even complaints can be handled on the spot, without being placed on hold or waiting days for an email response. When it comes to buying related decisions, it’s a great tool to improve on the spot conversions.

Information Can Be Saved – There’s nothing worse than running through a wealth of information via telephone, only to have to request it via email at the end of the call. Live chat generally allows both consumers and businesses to save conversations to refer back to later.

At the end of the day, anything you do to improve your customer’s experience is going to benefit your brand. Many businesses are often on the hunt for the perfect solution in balancing customer service needs with their budget – so could a live chat platform be the answer for you?


Source: E-Consultancy

There are many brands and software providers that provide this service, so make sure that you carefully compare the fine print – how many users does it allow, what kind of analytics does it provide, and how much are you looking to spend?

One thing to consider before you add a live chat plugin to your website, is if you have enough online traffic to justify it. A simple and effective way to bring in new and existing customers to your website, is by producing on brand, consistent and relevant content.

If this isn’t something you have previously considered, perhaps it’s time to think about outsourcing. Thankfully, here at Content Hive that’s exactly what we do. Why not schedule a free discovery call today, to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online?

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