Five SEO Tools To Conquer The Internet


Getting seen by the right audiences online isn’t always easy, but learning how to master the right SEO tools can be a gamechanger for making your mark online. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, all the major search engines like Google and Bing use a system called Search Engine Optimisation to form somewhat of a library system for the internet. Every day, thousands of ‘bots’ crawl cyberspace to see what’s new, to give their tick of approval to new content, and how to appropriately categorise this content. 

These bots allocate all online content by particular parameters, such as keywords, search intent and overall quality in order to deliver the best possible search results to queries from users around the world. For brands and businesses giving this form of marketing a crack for the first time, having a few SEO tools in their arsenal is a must. 

A Beginner’s Guide To The Best SEO Tools

In simple terms, SEO tools investigate the potential of web pages for high placement on search engine ranking pages. These helpful digital instruments provide information on a wide range of SEO principles, and can cover anything and everything from keyword research, formatting, backlinks, ranking and analysis. For those looking to use SEO to reach the lofty heights of the search engine results, the task is all but impossible without the help of SEO tools. 

While it can be difficult to find a ‘one size fits all’ solution, the good news is that there are a wide range of SEO tools on offer that suit just about every budget and experience level. Ideally, the best SEO tools can help you view your website the way search engines like Google see it, and allow users to improve their ranking and relevance for your target keywords – so what are a few of our favourites?

Google Keyword Planner – As the godfather of all keyword research tools, Google Keyword Planner is a crucial resource for brands looking to discover what search terms can help them supercharge their internet presence. In addition to providing insight into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time, the tool also provides insight into how much these words would cost to use for paid advertising via Google Ads. 

Google Trends – Even industry professionals can get writer’s block when it comes to undertaking keyword research, which is when Google Trends can be a lifesaver. Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents to compare relative popularity, before presenting search terms that are “trending” or are likely to yield favourable outcomes based on how topical they are. 

Google Analytics – At some point, you’re going to want to analyse how well your content is performing. Business owners need to be able to see what’s working and what’s not when it comes to particular blogs, landing pages and even targeted keywords, which is when taking a peek at your website’s backend via Google Analytics is a must. Users can see what’s getting traction, generate reports, and view what they should be focusing on for future marketing efforts. 

AHREFS – If you’re not a fan of jumping between multiple SEO tools, AHREFS has long been regarded as the one stop shop for many marketing professionals. As an SEO software suite that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits, it can be used to audit your website, uncover technical issues, provide you with new content ideas and can provide a wealth of information when it comes to conquering link building.

SEO Tools – While tools like AHREFS can be revolutionary if you have the budget to fork out for a paid subscription, many budding entrepreneurs simply don’t have the funds to deploy on SEO tools. As the name would suggest, SEO Tool (or SRT) is a free online resource that has over sixty real time features such as keyword planning, ranking checkers, on page SEO crawlers, and has even gotten the tick of approval from digital marketing wizard Neil Patel. 

However, it’s worth noting that even with all the SEO tools under the sun at your disposal, writing the required content is a task that simply doesn’t come easy to everyone. For some people, it’s a lack of confidence, while for others there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. One way or another, ignoring SEO as a business will eventually have a negative effect on your brand, as its absence provides a window of opportunity for your competitors to get ahead of you. Thankfully, outsourcing this task has never been easier. 

The Key To Good Marketing Is Great Content

Producing quality, consistent and on brand content takes time, effort, experience and resources, but avoiding these responsibilities altogether may actually be doing your brand a disservice. Thankfully, investing in a solid content marketing strategy has actually never been easier. 

Here at Content Hive, producing top quality digital content is exactly what we do best. We have itemised a list of digital content services, and allocated credits next to each of these. This means that each month, you can use your credits with us to produce digital content such as blog articles, social media posts, videos and even animated Instagram stories. By using this model, we believe that it enables us to produce high quality content with faster delivery times.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start on your digital marketing journey and would like to speak to a professional, why not book in a free discovery call with us at Content Hive today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online.

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