A Beginners Guide To YouTube Ads

Have you put video marketing in the “too hard” pile? When it comes to conquering YouTube ads, the good news is that it might just be easier than you think.

While great content is bound to be found eventually – it’s also important to be proactive about gaining the attention of potential new customers, and doing your best to tell your brand’s story within a limited time frame.

So while millions of brands and businesses flock to the Google Ads – the biggest player in the paid advertising space online – are marketers avoiding YouTube ads because video is regarded to be too complex?


According to recent statistics released from Wyzol, a whopping 87% of businesses are using videos as a part of their brand’s content strategy. The interesting part is that of those businesses, 83% are reporting that video content is giving them a strong return on investment. As we all know, getting a good bang for your buck is the ultimate end goal for all marketing strategies, which is why YouTube Ads as a marketing tool deserves your attention.

Types Of YouTube Ads For Business

Video is a versatile and highly engaging content medium that not only gives audiences a real-life picture of what’s going on, and it’s relatively easy to share across multiple platforms. It’s easy to digest, entertaining and is readily accessible to just about anyone with an internet connection – and YouTube is regarded as the first to capitalise on this.

While Snapchat, TikTok and short form video are having their moment in the spotlight, YouTube has been around since 2005, making it virtually a dinosaur in the social media timeline. As the platform was rapidly approaching over one billion views per day, paid video advertising was introduced in January 2009. While the formats have been “tweaked” over the years, in 2020 the four most common include:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads (including bumper ads)
  • Video discovery ads (formerly known as in-display ads)
  • Non-video ads (overlays and banners)why-youtube-is-good-for-business

Five Benefits Of YouTube Ads For Marketing

If your brand or business is already producing video as a form of organic content marketing, then it makes sense for you to try YouTube ads as a way to truly capitalise on this advertising trend. After all, the benefits speak for themselves.

It’s Cost Effective – If you’re not familiar with PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a lucrative industry – after all, you only pay when someone clicks your ads, making it easy to stick to a budget.

It’s Highly Targeted – PPC marketing works best when you know exactly who you’re trying to reach. The good news is that YouTube ads allow marketers to get specific when it comes to demographics, similar audiences, re-engaging past customers, and even recent life events.

It’s Medium Works – While we’ve established that the power of video isn’t going away anytime soon, exactly why is it so on trend? Audiences get to connect with the faces that represent the brand, better understand their attitude as a company, and see how a product or service works.

It’s Easy To Track – You’re wasting your time running a campaign if you don’t bother to check up on its performance. Thankfully, the built in YouTube analytics module allows users to track what’s working, what’s not, and specific details about your viewers.

It’s Reach Is Vast – Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second most visited website after Google? Advertising on this social media platform is a quick and effective way to position yourself in front of literally billions of audiences every day.

Ready To Start Filming Video Content?

The problem that many businesses face when it comes to producing great video content in any form, is that they may not have the time, energy or resources to do so – but avoiding content marketing may actually be doing their brand a disservice.

Thankfully here at Content Hive, producing top quality content (including video) is exactly what we do best – so why not book in a free discovery call today to discuss how we can get your business buzzing online.

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