When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media (2020)

“When is the best time to post on Social Media” – a tale as old as time, and a very popular search query on Google. Is there a magical “one stop shop” type of approach to the algorithms, or is it all a bit up in the air? Whether your platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – the scheduling powerhouses of the world like Hubspot and Buffer all seem to have a different take on what works best. At one point or another, there will be some experimentation required with a number of factors to consider:

  • What peak time are your users online?
  • Is your post relevant to the time or other events?
  • What time of the day are my posts getting the most engagement?

All of this fine tuning can be sourced from data and statistics found in the “back end” of your social media platform of choice. Like most things, the trick lies in how you interpret these numbers, and what you choose to do with them. There are however a few tips and general rules of thumb that can apply to each individual platform – and we’ve listed a few of our favourite recommendations below.


The Best Time To Post On Facebook

According to a study conducted by content scheduler Buffer, their research has suggested that the most popular times to post on Facebook is between 1:00pm to 4:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Engagement levels were shown to be 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays (weekend loadingperhaps?). However, they also recognise that there is “no real single best time” to post on Facebook. Other similar studies have also indicated that the sure fire winning slots include Thursdays and Fridays between 1:00pm to 3:00pm, Thursdays at 8:00pm and even “off peak” to avoid competition on the audience’s crowded newsfeed. Ultimately, the question you should be asking is not when the best time to post is, but when the best time for your brand to post is. This relates back to using the data and insights provided through Facebook Analytics, and to find out when exactly your followers are most active online. We recommend testing a few different times and then comparing the engagement level to create an ongoing schedule for when your posts go live on Facebook.

The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Later – another social media scheduling giant – conducted a survey on over 12 million Instagram posts to see when the best time to post was in 2020. Universally, it was found that the most successful time to post is around lunchtime (11am to 1pm) and then in the evenings (7pm to 9pm). In 2018, Instagram announced that they would be updating their algorithm in order to make it “feel more fresh”. What this translates to is more chronological content, as opposed to the previous “most popular first” model. More than ever, it is crucial that your timing is right if you want to get traction. Much like Facebook, the key lies in personalisation. Your best shot at getting seen is by posting when your followers are most active. Later’s “Best Time To Post” tool is a useful asset in tracking your top seven posts, and shows you why they received the best engagement i.e. quality of content, time posted, etc.

The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms – it’s niche is purely professionals looking to network. The type of content posted on LinkedIn is not necessarily the best fit for other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, if you’re running a business, it may be much more appropriate, especially for B2B operators. Although the audience is generally much smaller in comparison, the likelihood of more sales ready leads via organic posting is significantly higher. It is after all, a platform for the workplace. It’s for this reason that LinkedIn generally sees better engagement levels during work times and according to Hubspot – the best times are between 8am to 2pm Tuesday to Thursday. Engagement drops off significantly after 2:00pm and on weekends. best-time-to-post-on-social-media-2020

What does this all mean for my business?

Investing the time into proper social media execution can be draining, so ensure you are giving your brand it’s best shot by optimising your posts properly. By paying attention to your audience, not only are you getting to know your target demographics, but you’re also already improving your engagement levels. Like all things, it’s quality over quantity that counts – and good, consistent content will work magic every time. If you’re struggling with managing your social media platforms or stuck on what to post, why not consider a free fifteen minute consultation with us at Content Hive to get your brand buzzing online.

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