The 2-2-1 Content Model

Most people get overwhelmed when trying to decide what content to schedule for their websites and social media. It’s why people either hire someone else to do it for them or simply panic and post nothing. Having a schedule makes life easier, and taking one day a month to decide what you’re going to post for the upcoming month will make life a lot easier and less stressful for you. To keep it simple, we recommend the 2-2-1 Content Model for scheduling.


How does the 2-2-1 Content Model work?

Content needs to stay fresh and relevant, and most of all it needs to capture the intended audience. To do this you need to mix things up by following this rule for each five pieces of content you put out:

1: Content that provides information.

2: Stories or infographics that provide the information in a fun or interesting way.

3: Content that provides information.

4: Stories or infographics that provide the information in a fun or interesting way.

5: A call to action.

So that’s two pieces that provide information, two pieces that entertain or inspire, and one that tells people what to do.

Why it’s important to vary your content

As a business, we post on social media for one main reason – to sell our products or services. But if all you’re doing is posting content that says BUY MY STUFF, all you’re going to do is make people want to do the exact opposite. Nobody wants to feel pressured into buying anything. What they want is a reason to buy from you. They want to know why your brand is different to any others, and why they should trust you with their purchase. Varying your content allows you the opportunity to prove your company’s worth through interesting information and images.

Content tips

  • Not sure what to post? Consider linking to an interesting article you read that still relates to your own brand. Maybe do a post where you introduce someone from your team. Or perhaps repurpose your content in a new way.
  • Use at least five relevant hashtags when posting your content. You can use more on Instagram but stick to five for LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Experiment with your content to see which one drives the most engagement. This will help you figure out what your audience wants from you.
  • If you’re sharing a piece of content from someone else, make sure to add something in your company’s voice and style, and consider adding a graphic that aligns with your brand.

Content is important, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With some good planning and a solid plan, you’ll find yourself with endless ideas to share with your audience. Remember to mix things up, and don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality while doing so. If you want someone to buy your product or service or follow you on socials, then give them something worth coming back for. Your content is the key to gaining a bigger audience, so use it wisely.

The Key To Good Marketing Is Great Content

Here at Content Hive, producing top quality digital content is exactly what we do best and we have a range of month-to-month plans that you can choose from.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start on your content marketing journey and would like to speak to a professional, why not book in a free discovery call with us at Content Hive today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online.



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