Pinterest For Business: Do’s, Don’ts And Tips For Success

Pinterest for business is often considered to be an untapped resource – everyone is too busy tied up with Facebook and Instagram. So how does it work?

Launched in January 2010, Pinterest is an American social media platform that is predominantly based around image sourcing – primarily discoveringsaving and sharing visual content as a source of inspiration or ideas.

Its major point of difference from other social media channels is its ability to create, organized or categorized “boards”. An example of this, is that an everyday user might have one board for travel, another for recipes, another for fashion and another for fitness. The user is encouraged to collect new “pins” for their board, and to create their own visual resource for inspiration or ideas to refer back to over time.


Pinterest is fundamentally more about things and less about people, making it a great platform for online marketers if they crack how to masters its secrets – think of it as a visual search engine. Pinterest for business can be a game changer when it comes to your brand’s evergreen content strategy.

Pinterest For Business – What To Do

  • Complete Your Profile – You’re going to want to accurately reflect your brand image, and what you represent. Don’t cut corners and pay attention to the Pinterest sizing guidelines for things like your logo and cover photo.
  • Develop A Clear Content Strategy – You can’t just drop a few photos or links and hope for the best. This is a visual platform, so make it count. 84% of Pinterest users say that the platform helps them learn new things, so why not get started with an infographic?
  • Monitor Times For Engagement – Like all social media platforms, posting at particular times can help your brand perform better than others. While you should be keeping track on what works, it’s also important to know when it works via analytics.
  • Add “Save To Pinterest” Buttons To Your Website – We often see this for Facebook and Instagram on product pages, but what about Pinterest? The visual content on your site and your social accounts should be somewhat similar, so why not spread the love.
  • Use The “Rich Pins” Format – Ultimately, the end goal is to of course drive engagement, brand awareness and conversions for your brand or business. Pinterest’s “rich pin” function provides more information for users and steers traffic to your website.

Pinterest-For-Business-Stats-2020Pinterest For Business – What Not To Do

  • Don’t Forget To Manage Your Boards – It’s important not to leave board categories blank, but also to not lump all of your content into one board. Spread them out into specific groups that relate to each other.
  • Don’t Overdue The Hashtags – Hashtags on Pinterest don’t work the same way as other social media platforms. Keep them capped to two, and in relation to the specific content you are posting as it relates to category.
  • Don’t Post Low Quality Images – Pinterest is a visual realm, so if you want to keep up with the other brands, you’re going to have to be at the top of your game in regards to quality. Vertical imagery also works well, as 85% of users are browsing on their phones.
  • Don’t Ignore The Community – You shouldn’t only be sharing your own content. Categorise your boards with pins from other users, brands or businesses, as you’re essentially “curating” – not hard selling.
  • Don’t Forget About Keywords – This is often how others will find your profile, along with your pins. Make sure that your keywords accurately represent your brand, your products or services, or even your general vibe.

Let’s not forget that Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. According to a recent study in the United States, high income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest compared to low income households. In 2020, this platform is used for far more than just hunting for a few new recipes.

If you lack the time, energy or resources to produce quality content for Pinterest or your other social media platforms, it might be time to consider outsourcing. Content Hive offers a range of plans from our digital menu, so why not schedule a free discovery call today?

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