Is Twitter For Business Worth It?

If you’re a brand trying to make your mark online, then embracing social media is a must – but is Twitter for business really worth the time and effort?

If you’re a marketer or a business owner trying to find your way online, then you’re no doubt familiar with social media fatigue, as keeping up can be relentless. Between producing top notch content, writing witty captions, sourcing the right hashtags, finding the time to post, finding the right time to post, and engaging with the users who actually comment – we get it, it’s exhausting.


Between the big players in the industry such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the originals that tends to get forgotten about from a digital marketing point of view. It’s been around a long time, and navigating the social media platform is actually quite straightforward when compared to the features of some of the other networks.

However, just because it’s one of the founding forefathers of social media doesn’t mean that Twitter for business should be discarded entirely. In fact, if you know how, when and where to use it, the potential payoffs still make it all worth it.

The Case For Using Twitter For Business

For the uninitiated, Twitter functions as a microblogging system that allows users to send and receive short posts called ‘tweets’. Tweets can be up to 140 characters long, and can include links to relevant websites and resources, images, short videos, and even GIFs. Twitter users follow other users, and if you follow someone, you can see their tweets in your Twitter timeline, which functions a lot like Facebook’s newsfeed does.

It’s the short and to the point nature of Twitter that makes it stand out from the crowd. There’s no need to stretch yourself too thin with producing stories, longer prose style articles, or even an excess of video if you don’t want to. Even more surprisingly, over 70% of the platform’s users identify as male, with almost 29% of all users aged between 25 to 34.

Considering that Twitter has an advertising audience of over 353 million people around the world – an 8% increase on 2020 – it’s well and truly past time for brands to start taking Twitter for business seriously. If handled with care, Twitter can offer your brand or business the following perks.

Expand Your Network – Many people tend to forget that Twitter is still a form of social media, and in fact was around long before Facebook. Online networking can be a fickle creature to manage, so start by doing some light reading around topics that are relevant or apply to your own sector, field or even location. You never know when you might need a favour from someone, or they you, so Twitter is a great way to connect without being obtrusive.

Build Brand Authority – Even if you don’t run your own business, your own personal brand is arguably just as important. It’s the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see. In turn, brand authority is when you or your business are regarded as an expert – or an authority – within your sector or field. Your Twitter account is a surefire way to build brand authority, and for viewers to recognise you as a guru in your industry.

Monitor The Competition – While Twitter is a great way to easily gain tips, tricks, ideas, insight, information and even inspiration from your customers, it also provides a great platform for you to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. Nobody is saying copy their strategy, but instead observe and take note of what works well for peers in your industry, and of course what doesn’t – it will help to save your own time and energy in the long term.

Create An Audience – If you’re able to post clear, concise, relevant and engaging content, there’s a high chance that it’s going to capture the attention of someone who will find it worth reading. In turn, if you’re able to do that regularly, that someone will turn into a regular reader. Ideally, the number of those ‘someones’ will grow, and in time you will have your very own audience who not only pay attention to what you have to say, but send others your direction too.

Humanise Your Brand – While the obvious choice when navigating Twitter for business would be to post information about your products or services, it’s also a golden opportunity to showcase exactly who you are as a brand or business. In turn, you’ll then encourage both new and existing audience members to engage with your content, as you’re offering yourself up as a real person instead of just a logo.

Original content that packs a punch is essential if you want to gain traction whilst using Twitter for business, and is a straightforward means to kick multiple professional goals whilst working smarter, and not harder – even if you do only have 140 characters to work with. However, producing quality content takes time, effort, experience and resources, and you’re not alone if you can’t quite commit to that.

The Key To Success On Social Media Is Great Content

The good news is that here at Content Hiveproducing world class content is exactly what we do best. We have itemised a list of digital content services, and allocated credits next to each of these.

What this means is that each month, you can use your credits with us to produce digital content such as social media posts, blog articles, videos and even animated Instagram stories. We believe that this model means we can produce high quality content in faster than normal delivery times. It also means that because you have a monthly credit, you are going to want to make sure you use these up – and so do we – meaning that your digital content is always going to be consistent.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start on your digital or social media marketing journey and would like to speak to a professional, why not book a free discovery call with us at Content Hive today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online.

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