How To Upskill During a Lockdown

Are you using quarantine or lockdown to upskill? Covid-19 has rapidly changed the way we work, so it might be time to consider tweaking your current skill set.

Worldwide isolation measures were put in place quickly, and often unexpectedly. Many of us weren’t ready. Some of us have enjoyed spending more time with our plants, and others baking for days at a time. Lockdown has not been as kind to others, with national spikes in depression and anxiety levelsthat are compounded by financial instability, job losses and loneliness.


While it may not be an appropriate or suitable option for all, many of us have taken these unprecedented times as an opportunity to learn something new. With the entire world shifting online, we’ve also seen entire industries negatively impacted on a global scale – think tourism, hospitality, and even the oil and gas sectors.

While employers may have a lot on their plate right now, it’s also worth noting that many have engaged their current employees that may be underutilised. The old world would have us outsource, but the new world has encouraged us to think outside of the box. Many are discovering the wealth of online resources that provide free training and credentials, without committing to a full university degree.

While available in many fields, many businesses are taking the leap into trading online – often for the first time – and the option to upskill is particularly relevant when it comes to sharpening up skills associated with digital marketing and content production.


Where Can You Upskill Or Train For Free?

Thankfully, there are many avenues available online if you’re looking to learn for free in Australia. In the era of Covid-19, even international education heavyweights like Harvard, Yale and Princeton Universities in the United States have begun to offer free courses at a variety of different experience levels.

If you’re ready to upskill and commence your iso-education, below are some of the best resources available on the internet if you would like to learn something new:

Tafe Queensland – Marketed as “iso-learning”, Tafe QLD now offer a range of Covid-Safe, micro-credentials and skill sets to Queensland residents that meet the applicable criteria. It’s a great way to help your business adapt to new policies and procedures in place that surround social distancing, hygiene and health practices.

LinkedIn Learning – The world’s most popular social media platform for professionals offers a free one month trial, allowing users to access courses ranging from learning the basics of computer programming, mastering Microsoft Excel, and even an introduction to graphic design. The courses range from 45 minute videos to comprehensive three week tutorials, so it’s entirely up to you as to how far down the educational rabbit hole you want to go.

Skillshare – An old player in the game, Skillshare offers an enormous range of courses. With three major categories Build, Create and Thrive, this platform offers diverse insights on graphic design, productivity, marketing, business analytics, creative writing, film and photography via short series of instructional videos. The best part? They’re currently offering a two month subscription, free of charge.

You might not want to learn how to code and build a website. Maybe it’s as simple as improving your time management, or learning how to tap into your creativity. The thing is, it looks like the digital age is here to stay – so make sure you don’t get left behind.

If you, your brand or your business is struggling to stay on top of your content production or digital marketing needs, it might be time to consider outsourcing. Thankfully, here at Content Hive we specialise in getting brands buzzing online – so why not schedule your free fifteen minute discovery call with us today?

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