How To Conduct Influencer Outreach

If your brand or business is looking to partner with the superstars of social media, learning how to conduct influencer outreach the right way is a must. 


Generally, influencers is the term that we give to people who have built a large following on one or more social media platforms, and are regarded as experts in their field or ‘niche’. As such, they are able to ‘influence’ their audience – and in turn, work with businesses and brands through affiliate marketing. 

As such, outreach in influencer marketing is a strategy that focuses on pitching your business content to certain influential people who have a strong relationship with your target audience. While it can feel like cold calling, if you’re able to get it right, the potential benefits on offer can be lucrative. 

Five Tips For Mastering Influencer Outreach

If you’re unfamiliar with how to partner with a social media influencer as a brand or business, the good news is that the options are almost limitless. Depending on the size of the influencer’s following and your budget, just a handful of the more common arrangements include gifting the influencer free products or a discount code, creating content together, product collaborations and affiliate programs. 

The key to good influencer outreach is communication. If you pitch to an influencer that is ‘too big’ for your brand, you run the risk of them ignoring you. If you go ‘too small’ though, you might be investing in an avenue that simply can’t deliver the results you’re hoping for. 

It’s also important to remember that they might receive a multitude of offers from different brands every week, so mastering the fine art of influencer outreach is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd – but how do you get it right?

Do Your Research – When tracking down the type of influencers that are deemed to be the ideal fit for your brand or business, you need to do your homework. If you’re stuck on ideas, check out what your competition is up to. Start making an in depth list that includes not just the amount of followers, but the influencer’s engagement rate to calculate potential ROI. 

Build A Relationship – Before you approach your influencer of choice, follow them and their posts on their blog and on social media. Like or share their posts, and add insightful comments whenever possible, as this shows that your brand or business has a genuine interest in the influencer’s own niche or content. 

Have A Clear Vision – There are many types of influencer marketing methods, so it’s important to have a plan of attack as to what you hope to achieve from your influencer outreach efforts. Don’t assume that an influencer will partner with you for free, and provide options that include paid and unpaid collaborations in your pitch. 

Connect Via Email – First impressions count, and how you approach an influencer can make or break the entire experience. They often receive large volumes of direct messages on social media, so going down this path risks you getting lost in the crowd. Instead, take the time to email the influencer directly, and be sure to include their actual name – not their handle. 

Be Open Minded – If you start to receive responses from your influencer outreach, be sure to keep an open mind when it comes to how the work will flow. Influencers have their own brand to maintain, so it’s always worth hearing their ideas on how a potential collaboration could benefit both parties involved. 

Although this may be stating the obvious, your content and branding needs to be on point if you want any social media influencers to feel confident enough to associate with you. An influencer won’t want to share poor quality content with their audience as it will reflect badly on them, so it’s important for your social media and website to look their best before you start any influencer outreach efforts. 

The Key To Good Marketing Is Great Content

Producing quality, consistent and on brand content takes time, effort, experience and resources, but avoiding these responsibilities altogether may actually be doing your brand a disservice. Thankfully, investing in a solid content marketing strategy has actually never been easier. 

Here at Content Hive, producing top quality digital content is exactly what we do best. We have itemised a list of digital content services, and allocated credits next to each of these. This means that each month, you can use your credits with us to produce digital content such as blog articles, social media posts, videos and even animated Instagram stories. By using this model, we believe that it enables us to produce high quality content with faster delivery times.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start on your digital marketing journey and would like to speak to a professional, why not book in a free discovery call with us at Content Hive today to discuss how we can get your brand buzzing online.

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