How Much Does A Website Cost?

Owning a website holds significant importance. It serves as an impressive portfolio for potential clients and customers, while also offering a valuable avenue to boost your online presence through effective SEO strategies. Yet many people fail to have a website because they’re worried it’s going to cost them too much. But how much does a website cost and is it worth it?


Let’s look at some costs

In Australia, a website’s typical cost falls within the range of $3,000 to $10,000. The variation in expenses stems from the fact that every website is unique. Some may need only a few basic pages with minimal creative design, while others demand more advanced technical features and design elements.

So, what impacts the costs?


A basic website typically includes essential pages like the home, about us, contact us, services, and a blog page. Such websites usually start at the lower end of the cost range, around $3,000. Additional functionality will increase the price. Despite their simplicity, small websites can still excel in terms of SEO. If you’re a small business owner starting out, beginning with a basic site is advisable. Once you’ve determined what works best for your business, you can consider expanding to a medium or larger website, which may include more pages and complex features.


The cost isn’t solely determined by the number of pages a website has. In fact, creating many straightforward pages might cost less than designing a few highly complex ones. While many opt for standard design templates, custom design work will impact the price significantly.


Is your content ready to go, or do you need assistance from a content creator to write it? Remember, content is just as important as design, so it should be a priority. If you can create content yourself, that’s great, but hiring a copywriter will add to the overall website cost. It’s worth it, though. As content that is badly written, or purely AI generated, won’t look good and only serve as an injustice to your site.


The more features you add to your website, the higher the costs. Discuss your requirements with the website designer from the outset to get a clear picture of the total expenses. This way, you’ll know if you have the budget for any additional elements you want to include.

How much it costs to build a website depends entirely on how much you want out of the website. The more complex it is, the higher the costs will be. A website is important, though, and should not be overlooked. If you’re relying solely on social media to find your customers, you are missing out on a huge part of the population. After all, when someone searches for your product or service, would they go to a social media platform, or would they search for it on Google? Google, of course. And if you don’t have a website, then Google won’t send them your way.

Want To get More Out Of Your Website?

At Content Hive, we design websites around really good content. Our primary focus is to employ effective strategies that elevate your brand’s visibility on Google, so that once you have that beautiful website people can actually find it. When it comes to SEO and optimisation, the content is as important, if not more, than the design of the website.

Looking for a new website? Get a free quote today.

We prioritise design and content

When it comes to your brand’s authority, a website is the best way to showcase your authenticity. At Content Sites, we prioritise design and content into each of our websites to help generate more traffic to your site through SEO strategies and beautiful designs. Book a free call to talk about your web project. Our web design team will happily chat to you about your options and create a website that’s perfect for you.

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