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If you are serious about building your brand, then a clear content marketing strategy is a must. In 2020, it’s about whether you can afford not to solidify your presence online? 

With over a decade helping brands grow through effective online and digital marketing, Content Hive founder Lisa Bourke has noticed a clear correlation between a business or start-up's digital footprint and their overall success.  

Lisa Bourke

Unfortunately, she has also seen first-hand the impact of ignoring digital marketing as a core business function. Seeing established brands who provide a great product or service become extinct because new "tech savvy" players have entered and leapfrogged the market by producing and sharing consistent digital content. Ultimately drowning out the competition on search engines like Google, and across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Now more than ever, the online space is booming. It’s important that your business is equipped with the tools to reach the right clientele base, along with a consistent tone and brand - so what exactly does that translate as? 

Digital content is considered to be written, visual or audio content that can be shared online. Channels and platforms can include your website, social media like Facebook and Instagram, an email marketing service, or even your LinkedIn account.

Common examples of digital content done well include social media posts, blog articles, videos and podcasts. Digital content has an enormous impact on how your business ranks on search engines, whether your existing customers are likely to buy from you again, and even your brand authority - which means how much people know, like and trust your business based on their online experience with your brand online. 

The services available through us at Content Hive are best matched with businesses who go out of their way to provide a great customer service experience, but do not necessarily have the time, budget or resources to create their own digital content in house. We work with the very best players in a wide variety of industries, including online fitness pioneers Revelwell, award winning Brisbane based mortgage brokers Madd Loans, and internationally recognised business coach David Wood. 


For a limited time only, Content Hive is offering a free content strategy session for listeners of “That Voice Podcast” with digital marketing powerhouse Lisa Bourke. Lisa recently featured on the podcast, and chatted with Sally Prosser on the importance of building your voice online. 

If you lack the time, energy, or knowledge to build your own digital presence through content marketing, then Lisa is a priceless resource in understanding and harnessing the power of what you can achieve through digital marketing. To schedule your free strategy session, please register your interest via the link below to take the first step in getting your brand buzzing online. 

Thank you for listening to That Voice Podcast! 

To book your free content strategy session click here.