With over a decade helping brands grow through effective online and digital marketing, Content Hive founder Lisa Bourke has noticed a clear correlation between a business or start-up's digital footprint and their overall success.  

Unfortunately, she has also seen first-hand the impact of ignoring digital marketing as a core business function. Seeing established brands who provide a great product or service become extinct because new "tech savvy" players have entered and leapfrogged the market by producing and sharing consistent digital content. Ultimately drowning out the competition on search engines like Google, and across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

After spending the past ten years in the industry, I have pretty much done, and seen it all. This includes a lot of testing, tweaking and to be honest – failing. Or as I like to call it, failing forward. I have worked on both the client and agency side and the one thing that has continually popped up for me is the need for businesses to consistently produce quality and on-brand content to stay relevant. - Lisa Bourke 

Although Lisa has continued to push the importance of content marketing, it appears that most small to medium businesses use the following reasons for ignoring their digital footprint.

Three common reasons businesses don't produce effective digital content include - 

  1. Time “We are too busy working in the business to worry about working on the business” - This is risky move, and doesn't focus on the long term. 
  2. Resources “We had someone in the business looking after that but then they left, and we are not sure what needs to be done” - This is usually just a confidence issue. 
  3. Perceived Cost “We can’t afford it” - Can you afford not to? 

Investing in content marketing is a long game with big payoffs 

You won’t see overnight results, but for businesses that are willing to put in the reps, their online presence is almost guaranteed to help their brand thrive, opening up opportunities they could never have imaged possible.  

We are now starting to see some amazing traction from our consistent approach to being visible online with media outlets like Channel 9 and 7 approaching us for comment on industry related news and even celebrities and influencers coming to us to get their loans which only has a snowball effect for our brand – George Samios, Madd Loans. 


It is this reason why we have niched down and launched Content Hive. 

To provide a solution for businesses who lack time, resources or budgets to build and maintain their digital footprint and create "know, like, trust" with potential buyers. 

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone - we have scaled it back to offering one service - digital content production.  

And to simplify it further - we have packaged this service up into a monthly subscription model.  

This allows us to offer the very best of what we do to our clients instead of spreading ourselves too thin. It also means that we can maintain a high level of transparency and manage expectations for both our team and our clients.  

By enlisting the services of Content Hive, businesses can continue to focus on what they do best - quality products, great service, and a stellar customer experience for their clientele. We look after the rest by producing consistent, high quality digital content. We ensure that the client's online presence is a true representation of their physical brand.

Our simple yet effective model for doing business with Content Hive is this - a clear service delivery model, flexible monthly plans, and maintaining our high customer satisfaction rating.

By taking the time to invest in your business in the digital space, you’ve already taken the first steps to improve your online presence, maintain brand awareness with new and existing customers, and to help your brand be found online.

Our team is composed of passionate people from all walks of life. Paired with years of experience, we also operate 100% remotely and work based on a 50/50 model where at least half of us live in regional or rural Australia. This is to ensure that our team is given the same opportunities as their city counterparts, which is something that Lisa is very proud of.

At the end of the day though, it’s not about us - it’s about you.

We’d love to get your brand buzzing online so book a chat today