We create high quality digital content, that’s it. 

We are not trying to be everything to everyone - we create digital content. By channeling our efforts into one specific area of online marketing and honing our craft, we’ve become rather good at it. 

By simplifying our services, we’re able to deliver a higher calibre of material for our clients, transparent communication and expectations, and a much happier team environment for all involved. 

When it comes to the realm of marketing, it’s a BIG arena. To cater to all corners is a mammoth task, and many industry gladiators have crashed and burned. Instead, we prefer to be operating at 110% within one area, as opposed to 50% across many - wouldn’t you? 

Why digital content? 

Digital-Content-StrategyNow more than ever, the online space is booming. It’s important that your business is equipped with the tools to reach the right clientele base, along with a consistent tone and brand.
As a result, we have niched down - and our team and customers couldn’t be happier about it.

Content Hive have itemised a list of digital content services on offer, and have allocated credits next to each of these. Each month, you can use your credit allotments with us to produce digital content such as social media posts, blog articles and even animated Instagram stories. In the world of business, the more you put in, the more you get back.

In order to select a content plan that best suits the needs of your business, we recommend adding up the number of content requests each month, and then compare this to our digital menu. As part of our free introductory call with new businesses, we can happily run through these options with you to find the best fit.

With digital content, consistency is key. We also offer quarterly and monthly content strategy sessions via Zoom, meaning we have an agreed content calendar to work with. However we also understand that sometimes things pop up unexpectedly - and that’s okay too - so in line with our delivery turnaround times located on our services menu, a shuffle in your calendar can also be catered for. 

So what exactly is digital content?


Digital content is considered to be written, visual or audio content that can be shared online. Channels and platforms can include your website, social media like Facebook and Instagram, an email marketing service, or even your LinkedIn account. Common examples of digital content done well include social media posts, blog articles, website banners, digital invites, and even eBook and PowerPoint presentations. 

Why is digital content considered to be so important online?

In 2020, the average person spends around three hours a day on the internet. This includes anything and everything from scrolling through Facebook, checking their emails, to Googling their favourite recipes. Whether we like it or not, there’s not much that can’t be done online anymore. 

In order for businesses to stay relevant with new and existing customers, they must have an effective content strategy in place. This includes having a consistent tone and brand to encourage consumer trust, and creating (and sharing) content on a regular basis.

Digital content has an enormous impact on how your business ranks on search engines, whether your existing customers are likely to buy from you again, and even your brand authority - which means how much people know, like and trust your business based on their online experience with your brand online. 

What types of businesses do we work with?

Content Hive is best matched with businesses who go out of their way to provide a great customer service experience, but do not necessarily have the time, budget or resources to create their own digital content in house.

Generally speaking, most do have someone in their business who is able to easily upload and share the content we provide - this could be anyone from their marketing manager, administration assistant, or even the resident millennial who has no problem in navigating computers.  

Why don’t we offer “unlimited” design or copywriting services?

We thought about it, and then we did some research.

Yes, there are absolutely businesses out there offering unlimited design and copywriting services. However, in order to sustain that business model, most offer these services with the assistance of an offshore or overseas workforce. Our team is 100% based in Australia, and is something that we pride ourselves on.

We refuse to compromise on quality, and we believe that “remote” employment (working from home) is something that should be offered to people living in rural and regional Australia, giving them the same opportunities that their city counterparts have.

Here at Content Hive we have a 50/50 model, where at all times at least 50% of the our team resides outside of the traditional metropolitan hubs of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We think it’s pretty cool that in 2020, you can live wherever you choose to without sacrificing a career that you love. 

How do I choose the right content plan? 

As we mentioned above, we can certainly help you in making the right selection that best suits the needs of your business via a free chat and consultation. This will assist us in getting to know how your business works, an understanding of the type of content required, and how we can help. 

An example of this would be something like three social media posts per week, a weekly blog article, and one off web and email banner designs. Your package can be tailored to best suit your business, as digital content isn’t a “one size fits all” model. 

What don’t we do?

In order to stay at the top of our game, we don’t stretch ourselves too thin across all marketing services. Instead, we share our vast collective experience and knowledge online by creating simple marketing and social media “how to” guides - for free. These include the basics such as how to set up a Facebook advertisement, when and how to use hashtags on Instagram, or even how to load a blog to a Wordpress website. If there’s something you are looking for in particular, please let our team know. We can then guide you through the process, before creating a new guide to add to our resource library. 

Services that we don’t offer or provide include:

1. We do not offer branding or print marketing material. 

If you are looking to design a logo, print some business cards or brochures, this isn’t something we can help with sorry. If it’s not for digital purposes, it’s not our arena. Designing for online vs designing for print are two very different realms, as the file types required for print are both meticulous and time consuming. The services available with us at Content Hive work well with businesses who have already set up and established their branding and print marketing material, but need help with the next step of delivering consistent digital and social media content.

2. We don’t offer custom animation. 

While we offer animation as a part of our Pro and Premium content plans, this is based on set templates. We still wanted to offer this service as a part of our content menu, as it helps brands to stand out online while looking super cool. We then load your logo and custom colour palette to ensure that the animation is on brand with the rest of your content and business tone. Custom animation is an extremely time consuming process, and this would need to be quoted on a “per project” basis, which is not in line with the service plans that we offer. 

Is there something we haven’t covered?

If you have a question in relation to the digital content services available with us at Content Hive, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.