We are not your average blog writing service. Our pay-per month model means you get consistent, quality blogs created for your business each month. Need one blog article a month or three per week? Choose a plan that is right for you.    

What else makes us unique?

  • Our team is 100% remote and 100% Australian based. That means quality content without an insane price tag 
  • Our plans start from less than $200 per week
  • You can mix-and-match the content each month
  • If we create something and you are not 100% happy - no drama, you get unlimited revisions 
  • All plans include ongoing content strategy and content calendar creation  
  • We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!     


We don't work with everyone. We work with authentic brands that care about their products and services, their team, and their customers. 


Because when you align an effective content marketing strategy with a business that people can trust - magic happens

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So what exactly is a blog writing service? 


First, we need to know what a blog actually is, before we get to the next stage of what a blog writing service can offer. Even if you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s highly likely that you have read one before - especially if you’re a frequent flyer on Google.

By definition, a blog is an online journal or informational style web page. Typically run by an individual, small group or even a business, it’s designed to be an informal and conversational style of writing that sheds light on a particular topic (facts, analysis, even opinion). Whether they realise it or not, over 80% of internet users interact with blogs. They are now rated the 5th most trusted source for sourcing accurate information online, so it’s easy to see how B2B marketing teams that actively “blog” receive 67% more leads compared to those that do not.

From a business perspective, a blog writing service is a way to tap into this realm if you lack the time, energy or resources to do it yourself. Writing isn’t for everyone, especially considering that there is a real knack to effective blog writing if your goal is to be found on Google (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) and connecting to the right audiences. 

Blog and Content Writing vs Copywriting: What’s The Difference? 

A content writer or blog writing service is a terminology that barely existed twenty years ago, but the role of a copywriter has been around much longer - think Don Draper or Peggy Ohlson for “Mad Men” fans. While both positions certainly share some major similarities, there are a few points of difference to note.

Advertorial in nature, the art of copywriting is selling people on a product, service, idea or brand, directly pitching to customers that they need whatever it is that’s being marketed in their life. It’s emotive, compelling, and often used in more direct short term goals (generally subscriptions or sales). 

Long before the rise of online blogging and articles, British advertising tycoon David Oglivy - or the “Father of Advertising” - said “when I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you found it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” 

In comparison, content and blog writing is generally much more subtle. It’s purpose is to educate, entertain, or inform the audience - sometimes with a mix of these traits - about any given topic. The very best business bloggers are in fact so subtle, that they can craft dozens of articles for your website without even mentioning your business name - and yet still manage to attract and convert new leads. 

Blogging and content writing in the realm of business is a long game. Expect disappointment if you are looking for an overnight solution. The idea is to construct a text that is both engaging, and reaches the right audience. Over time, the readers will come to trust your brand, and will in turn encourage both new and repeat clients. When actioned well, and when the blog writer has a firm grasp on SEO best practices, it enables said blog to reach the very top of the Google rankings. The general reach of a blog has a much wider and niche audience than other traditional forms of prospecting and advertising. 

Blog Writing Agency vs Freelance Writer? 

Let’s be frank, it’s a jungle out there. If you’re on the hunt for someone to help your business with managing it’s blog or web articles, it can be overwhelming. Like any investment, you want to get it right the first time. Where do you even start?

Freelance writers have their merits, often for one off pieces, small scale tasks or you simply want to be very involved in the creative process. However, opting for a specialist blog writing agency is just that - it’s their speciality. Like any professional arrangement, working with another small business will inevitably have more accountability. Your feedback in regards to their work has an imperative effect on their business, and will arguably leave themselves more open to exposure if the task is not up to your standard. 

If you have multiple or complex tasks that require a professional, hiring an agency on a long term basis means that you don’t have to manage multiple freelancers - as that aspect is also taken care of for you. The likelihood of an agency “disappearing” on you or not able to meet deadlines is far less likely, as they offer a more diverse team with larger resources than a lone freelancer. 

Writing My Own Articles vs Using A Blog Writing Service 

The struggle is real. If you as a business owner have finally committed to a more in depth marketing strategy, the next step is putting it into action. The prospect of finding the time to sit down and write literally thousands of words a month suddenly becomes a lot more daunting, and so it falls back to the bottom of the priority list.

If you (or someone on your team) has the confidence to roll up their sleeves and get writing, this is a wonderful start and could be a long term solution. However, this often comes at the cost of other areas of your business that arguably deserve your time too - whether it be product development, customer service or even taking care of the book work. Although you may understand the tone, product or services offered by your business better than anyone, by stretching your staff (or yourself) too thin - you risk watching your hard work evaporate. 

It’s entirely your choice as to how you wish to divide the resources of your business, including the marketing budget. If the above is all sounding just a little bit too hard, it might be time to consider investing in a blog and article writing service.

By hiring a professional to take care of your content marketing needs, you’re outsourcing all of the finer details that come with producing quality social media posts, web articles and even proofreading.

Benefits include:

  • Deadlines will be met. Don’t forget that a professional blog writing service is also often a small business. If you’re not happy, neither are they. 
  • You determine what’s required and when, but if you need some direction then that’s okay too. 
  • Flexibility - if you need to move your content schedule around or you have some breaking information that needs to be published, a blog writing service will often be able to move a few things around for you without huge headaches attached. 
  • They know how to write. The thought of constructing a 1000 word article would be daunting for many, but writing is often a passion for many blog writers - it’s what they love, and it’s what they do. 
  • Forget about typo’s, proofreading and grammar. If English wasn’t your favourite subject at school, this is also an aspect that’s taken care of. 
  • They will do their own research. You would be surprised at the resources your website or social media may already provide, and you won’t need to allocate the time for a full interview unless previously discussed. 
  • Consistency. One blog isn’t going to change the world, and it certainly won’t do so overnight. However, a good quality blog writing service will work with you to create a content calendar. By consistently posting content and blogs that’s relevant and engaging, your long term growth will take care of itself. 
  • Optimisation and SEO: they know how to write specifically for the world wide web. In order to rank on Google and other search engines, you need to be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. It’s a fine art in itself, and can otherwise take years to perfect. 
  • As a business owner, you get your time back. No further clarification necessary. 

And that’s “Blog Writing 101” in the business realm.

If you’re ready to get your brand buzzing online with our blog wiritng service, we would love the opportunity to chat so we can show you what’s possible. Schedule a free discovery call today or download our current price list.