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A former Consultant to Fortune 100 companies - David Wood left his cushy Park Avenue job and went on to build the world’s largest coaching business.

That’s not to say that it's all been easy, and David is no stranger to the hurdles that life tends to throw our way. It has taken many years of bloodsweattears and ultimately hard work to get where he is now. Getting shit done required discipline.

If you are one to get easily distracted or have a hard time focusing on your to-do list, David shares his top five reasons as to why you suck at getting things done - and how to accomplish twice as much.

1. Write Down Goals

Ask yourself this: what would you like to celebrate in one year’s time? If you take the time to really think about your goals, it in turn makes it easier to break these down into an actionable to-do list. What do you need to physically do in order to achieve these goals? An example of this is if you want to double your business: you need to make X amount of calls, write X amount of articles, or feature on X amount of podcasts. Turn these goals into a plan of attack.

2. FTB - Focus Time Blocks

Specific time blocks need to be allocated within your calendar if you have a hope in hell of getting the important things done. It might be two hours on a Monday or a Wednesday, it might be all day on a Sunday, or it might even be from 6:00am to 9:00pm every night. Whenever the allocated focus time block is - you need to show up for those periods as sacred days and times for yourself, even if it is just for two specific jobs, tasks or goals that need to be completed.

3. Manager vs Worker

Everybody has a manager and a worker that resides inside of them - the manger is fantastic at the planning, where the worker is great at actually getting things done. Don’t expect the manager to action the workload when you wake up first thing in the morning. Get your inner manager to write things down: the planning, the time frame, the tasks that need to be accomplished. Your inner worker relies on this as a framework to tackle the to-do list.

4. You Allow External Distractions

Distractions are a one way ticket to procrastination, and will ultimately ruin any allocated FTBs. We’re all guilty of it - checking your Facebook notifications, answering calls, responding to an email ping, and even knocking on the door of your home office. Success from focus time blocks only happens when you aren’t disturbed. Don’t be afraid to put your phone and office on “do not disturb”, ensuring that unless the house is on fire - you’re left alone to focus get things done.

5. You Allow Internal Distractions

Let’s face it - the human mind is like a monkey on crack. Even if you’ve managed to accomplish the first four steps in how to get things done, subconscious self-sabotage can undo all of your hard work in getting this far. Your train of thought needs to stay on task - do not allow yourself to get lost in your dinner plans, who you need to call back or how many rolls of toilet paper are left in the bathroom. Consider keeping Zoom open or having a co-worker to keep you accountable.

6. Bonus Tips

If you truly want to double what you can accomplish and chew through your to-do list in order to reach your goals, then working with a coach is a great way to implement change in your life.

Bad habits can be difficult to break, especially if you’ve spent decades perfecting them. With professional support, it’s much easier to make some tweaks to improve your overall output to achieve the success that you’ve put so much work into chasing.

David Wood specialises in increasing performance, increasing retention, and ultimately having those tough conversations in order to get you to thrive. He’s worked extensively with not only global companies and high level executives, but also nonprofits, startups and even prison inmates. If you’re ready to play for real and make some real changes in your life, then request a coaching session with David today.   


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